Gellibaff Review

My mum bought this for my little one a while back and I had put it away and totally forgotten I had it, So I thought since I had started a blog that we should play and I could have my first attempt at a review!

Gellibaff – Gelli play



You are given to packets of powder. One is to turn your water into jelly and the other is to turn the jelly back into water (mostly). We used just a litre of water, as this was the first time we had used it and i didn’t want to stick my little one (aged 21 months) in to a bath full of jelly, for him to freak out at the texture. I decided to jelly proof my kitchen and put a litre of water into a washing up bowl. Then you are instructed to add a sprinkle of jelly powder into your water (warm) and mix with your hand, the more you add the thicker your jelly will be. At first I added around a teaspoon worth of powder but it was still quite watery, so I added more (another teaspoon sized amount). The longer your leave it, the more the jelly grows.

Then its time to play!

Personally i was not a huge fan of the texture, the only way i can describe it is; If a wet nappy rips… yeah well the inside of that! like a lumpy wall paper paste!

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But my son absolutely loved the jelly. He had loads of fun picking it up and squishing it, pouring it from cup to cup… and then things got messy! Oliver decided that he much preferred the jelly on the floor so he could feel in on his toes! This did make my kitchen into an ice rink though, very slippy! This product didn’t have a smell to it and thankfully Oliver didn’t try to eat any!

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Once we had played for about half an hour, Oliver’s attention was wearing thin. So it was time to try and clean up this jelly mess. I tipped it all back into the bowl (thank god I jelly proofed) and then added some of the second powder to turn the jelly back to water, it says to add double the amount as you did with the first powder. It doesn’t turn it all back to water (but it does state this on the packaging). I then tipped the remains down the sink, with any little remaining bits I ran the taps and just scooped them down the drain. Any bits of jelly that escaped onto the floor, I swept up and put in the bin.

Would I use this product again?
Yes definitely, my son loves playing with water, so this offers different sensory play and messy play! I will also be buying some of the ‘Slime bath’ that the company also offers so we can explore different textures.

What would i change about my experience?
Next time I will be using this product in the bath, now I am sure my little one enjoys the texture. I’m going to put it in the bath so we can make more jelly but keep it contained!

Did Oliver enjoy this product?
Oliver LOVED this product, he was amazed at the different texture

I found this product on amazon for around £4 for two boxes, a perfect, fun and different stocking filler!

Gellibaff Review

Getting Started


So i am very new to this and do not have a clue what i’m doing, but i shall just go for it.

I’m Kirstie and 21! i have my own little family, a fiance (Nathan) and a little boy (Oliver,aged 2). I love family life and my little boy is my biggest achievement! I am a fully qualified beauty therapist and currently i stay at home with Oliver, and Nathan has worked as a support worker for vulnerable young adults since leaving school. But recently our lives have been tipped on their heads and we are all heading in new directions and starting very different adventures!

I have decided that beauty therapy is just not for me. I have no love for the job and its not where i see myself in years to come, so i have decided to retrain and i will be starting college in September and studing ‘Early years education’ and be training to be what was formally known as a nursery nurse (now an early years educator/practitioner). I have spent my life surrounded by children, and having one of my own has pushed me to thinking that this is the right path for me and something i would be good at!

Nathan has changed paths completely and decided that support work isn’t for him and he needed new challenges, he is now training to be a track operative! He has fallen in love with the line of work!

And little Oliver will be starting a little adventure of his own! A nursery adventure. As i start college Oliver will start nursery, he will get to spread his wings and independently learn new things and meet new people and make lots of friends!

I’m aiming to use this blog to document and share my experiences as a first time mum, studying, watching her little one go and grow and develop at nursery, family life and trying out new activities with Oli to transfer into my college work

fingers crossed it will be worth reading!

Getting Started