The dreaded nursery flu!

So Oliver had been to nursery twice, totalling two hours in nursery and he caught the dreaded nursery flu! Apparently its normal for them to get a cold when first starting nursery lots of new germs and bugs and toys to put in their mouth (yum). This was Ol’s first ever cold, he is almost two and I am extremely proud of his immune system. He has never had a cold before this and only ever been sick once, he is not a sickly child at all. This cold hit him hard! Because he is not used to being ill he did not know how to cope or deal with this cold at all, he was very whiny and felt very sorry for himself. His nose constantly run and his temperature was up and down and his throat was really sore, all I could get him to eat was ice pops. The worst part was there was nothing i could do to help other than comfort and dose him up with cough medicine and Calpol (other brands are available haha). He then passed the nursery flu to his dad, who then contracted tonsillitis and was bed bound, who then passed it to me (thanks guys). I quickly realised why Oliver would only eat ice pops, the sore throat that come with his is horrendous!

Anyway two weeks later and lots of passing it around the house, we are finally on the other side of nursery flu and we sincerely hope that we don’t bring it home again!

The dreaded nursery flu!

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