Mummy’s college adventure #1

In the post today I received a letter saying I have got a place on the course! I enroll on the 7th and I’m super excited! But I am also super nervous, since I was last at college (nearly three years ago) I have lost all my confidence and I am so selfconsious now. When I fell pregnant with Oliver I lost all my friends (clearly weren’t friends) and I put on so much weight, I literally cry every time I go clothes shopping 😦 Oliver is well and truely my safety blanket, when I go out I wrap myself up in him so much I don’t have time to think about myself or other people, he is with me every second of every day, but unfortunately he can’t come to college with me. It’s time to build myself back up. This time around i feel as if I’m starting totally alone and I’m going to be really vulnerable. But I’m also looking forward to finding some new confidence, maybe loosing a bit of weight and hopefully making some friends along the way. Positive thinking is going to be key.

Side note: I’m so proud of my fiancé, Nathan. Who is steaming through his exams with flying colours. I’m made up that he has thrown himself into this new line of work and that he absolutely loves it! It’s nice to see him back out there and gaining confidence. A first step in a very happy career for him!

Mummy’s college adventure #1

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